A Thousand Splendid Suns


10/10! A great story, although very cruel and graphic at times. A thoroughly enjoyable read that makes you reflect on the harshness of life for women in the Middle East.


The story intertwines lives of two Afghan women, Mariam, an out of wedlock child, and Laila, an orphan whose family was killed in a rocket attack. What brings them together is a marriage to an old, traditional Afghan man, Rasheed. They together go thorugh his harsh treatment until one of the fights ends up being mortal… for Rasheed. While Mariam takes the blame and is executed by Taliban, Laila flees the country with her secret childhood lover and gets to live out the dream of them both.


  • life in the West is easy-peasy compared to the Middle East
  • burqas may actually offer comfort to some women. I never thought about it, but the analogy to feeling safer with a facemask during a global pandemic kinda shows how wearing a burqa may be percieved as a form of welcomed protection