Animal Farm


8/10 A classic I have first read when I was 14 and my English teacher decided this is the perfect book to start my English-reading journey with. At a time, I was reading about deceptive pigs and a poor horse, not making any connection to politics. Now, some 8 years later, the story has a radically different impact. I can truly appreciate all the hidden messaging and a carefully constructed criticism of the communist regime. An eye-openning novel that gives you a clear picture of how easily and gradually a society can descent to a totalitarian regime when a group of rulers gets the reigns.


A group of farm animals chases away their abussive farmer and takes over the operation of the farm. The pigs assume the leadership position and put in place a manual for other animals. The main rule: 2 legs bad, 4 legs good. At the beginning everything runs smoothly and the animals get both equal share of work and produce. As time progresses though, the pigs take the reign and gradually afford more privileges for themselves. Eventually taking over the farm house, wearing clothes and walking on two legs, the pigs become the totalitarian leaders of the farm with everything that belongs to that: collectivization, censorship, and thought control.