Anxious People


8/10 Deep and saddening, yet witty and entertaining book that keeps providing the most unexpected side-stories of all the characters involved. A read that makes you reflect on the relationships you have with your loved ones as well as the flaws you, the people around you, and our entire society have. At times, I was getting annoyed with all the side-stories involved, but looking back, they give meat to the story and show the “human” in every character. It’s written in a very laid-back, almost conversational tone, which makes it easy to read. But be warned, you’ll probably shed a tear or two.


A failed bank robbery turns into a hostage drama that connects a bunch of strangers in the most unexpected way. Learning about each other, their wins and struggles in life, the story uncovers how each individual is different but shares the same common humanity. It’s this humanity that eventually leads to sympathy and understanding, which saves both the hostages from being killed, and the failed bank robber from doing something stupid. I won’t reveal more, the story has amazing unexpected twists and turns that I just cannot dare to spoil.


This is what I texted my girlfriend after finishing the book:
“I feel like the takeaway for me is that people in your life are very important! No relationship is perfect but once they are gone, you’ll miss them like hell, so you should enjoy them while you can.”